Study Visa

The study visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows a student to study in a country for a limited period of time. It is a temporary visa that is issued by the government of the country where an individual is studying. There are different types of study visas depending on the length of stay in a country and whether or not you qualify for an extension to your stay.
Many countries allow international students to come and study on this type of visa. Although, it is valid of 3 years (or the length of your course), the extension of this visa is possible for up to three years (but the holders are not allowed to change their job status during this time without losing their legal residence permit).

The study visa is an option for international students who want to make a difference.  There are a lot of consultants that help people with their study visa process. A consultant keeps track of your application progress, carry out background checks, and frequently communicate with you to ease out the process!

If you are looking for help with your study visa application, a study visa consultant can be a valuable resource. We are a skilled in immigration law firm that provides advice on the best options for your situation. If you want to get a study visa issued, then it’s always best to get help from an experienced firm who has first-hand experience with the process.

As the best study visa consultant, we offer services to students who are looking to study abroad. These consultant services include:

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